CenterVision Desk is a device built with Artificial Intelligence Technology and equipped with human intelligence-specific capacities such as information acquisition, perception, vision, thinking and decision-making.
It is a “Focus Measurement Device” that has proven its accuracy and reliability by Scientific and Technological Research Institutions and Academicians.


It ensures that you always get accurate, reliable results.
It will minimizes your error rate when taking measurements. Each time you will be able to take measurements with the same accuracy and the same precision.
Measurement accuracy is +/- 0.13 mm.


Center Vision Desk will take your business one step ahead as your most effective and efficient sales tool.
You can make a more effective presentation of your custom production lenses to your customer with Centervision’s 3D animations and increase the sales of your custom production lenses.
CenterVisionDesk ensures 100% customer satisfaction while preventing both you and your customer from suffering financial losses.


With its technology, design and unique features, you can show your difference from your competitors.


With its stylish design and color options, it will change the mood look of your Optical Store.
We can decide on the color and design models specific to your store together during the order.

Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to advanced technology, you will gain customer satisfaction and customer loyalty while helping them to choose the right and reliable product.

Optical View of Artificial Intelligence

Precision Measurement Technology

You can easily reach pd, verteks, pantoscopic angle measurements on the frame selected by the customer.
It eliminates the risks that may occur during the reception of Vertex Distance, Mounting Height and Pantoscopic Angle measurements for your special progressive (FreeForm) lenses.
It allows you to order lens to the person.

Center Vision Desk allows you to measure with the same precision every time.

Frame Selection Assistant

Choosing frames with Center Vision Desk is both very easy and very fun…
With the 12mp full Hd camera feature, you will be amazed at the quality of the photos you have taken.
It provides easy to choose with photos and videos to your customers who are struggling to choose frames.

Moving Screen and Camera

The high-resolution 12mp full Hd professional camera takes high-quality photos, making measurement the most accurate.
Its up-down and right-to-left moving camera allows you to take accurate and easy measurements in a comfortable posture position.
The tower can be adjusted to the height of your customers and you can precisely control the camera’s height positioning from the touchscreen menu.

Impressive 3D Animations

Promote and sell with 3D Animations .
You can present the latest innovations in lens technology to your customer with 3d animations.
Use the 3D animation app to send photos you’ve taken with its high-resolution camera to your customer

kontak lens seçimi

Contact Lens Selection Assistant

It is now possible to try contact lenses with eye contact that are inconvenient from a health point of view with this application…
Thanks to the high quality photos, you can present the most impressive contact lens colors and options to your customer with this application and compare them.
You can also share customer-liked photos with your customer on the system

Information Registration System

Center Vision Desk, developed with your corporate needs in mind, offers you solutions far beyond technology with the ability to manage from a single center, store and share documents in many different formats.
You can upgrade all customer records as many as you want with the additional hard drive link.

hangi kontak lens

Your Design meets technology!

Centervisiondesk offers you the possibility of producing Desk colors and sizes suitable for your optical store. It contributes to the new atmosphere in your store with its high advanced technology, special design and diverse functionality.

center vision desk siyah

Black Noir

center vision desk kahve

Feel Brown

center vision desk beyaz

White Horizon

Center Vision in Turkey

View Vision Center where it is used in the world and Turkey

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